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The Consumer Data Marketplace

Data on 80% of U.S. Emails | Real-Time Data Delivery

We aggregate data across multiple sources and make it available through our fast & reliable products and services. We have the best technology for processing & appending data on email addresses.


Piping hot data

We partner with various data providers that feed into our system from sources including surveys, the census, public records and other data aggregators.




Sorting it all out

We sort, filter and connect the dots through a refining process which uses advanced algorithms to package data points associated with an email address. We only match data to an email when we are at least 90% confident about the association.


Wrapping up the package

We store the refined data packages in our fast, open source, batch-updatable, distributed key-value store, Hank. In other words, our database is incredibly fast and secure.




Serving it back to you

When Rapleaf receives a request with an email address, our system looks up the email in our database and returns the associated data package. The turn around time for a request is under 50 milliseconds (faster than it takes for a webpage to load). Our system processes billions of requests a day.