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We understand if you wish to opt-out

No problem! 

Just click here to opt out on your own. Email us at privacy@towerdata.com if you have any questions.

Commonly asked questions

What does TowerData's "Permanent Opt-Out" Do?

The Permanent Opt-out provides a permanent opt out option based on your email address – it deletes information associated with your email address from the TowerData database. If there are multiple email addresses for you linked together in the TowerData database, this will opt out all of them.

When does "Permanent Opt-Out" go into effect?

The Permanent Opt-out is a two-step process that starts immediately upon email submission. The first step removes your information from being passed to companies to target relevant ads, and usually takes about 48 hours. The second step of the opt out process involves deleting your information completely from all of our systems, which may take up to several weeks.

Why do you need my email address?

We store your email address to permanently block collecting any additional information about that email from any customers we have in the future. Since our data is all keyed to an email, that is the one element that ensures you are permanently removed.