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Frequently Asked Questions

What does TowerData do?

TowerData helps you learn more about your customers so you can personalize content and generally make your customers happier. We provide demographic and lifestyle data (age, gender, marital status, income, etc., click here to see all) on U.S. consumer email addresses.


Where does TowerData get its data?

TowerData aggregates consumer data from data providers, cleanses it and maps it to emails, and ultimately makes it accessible through our easy to use Append portal and API. We partner with dozens of large and small data companies to aggregate data that we ultimately anonymize and tie to email addresses. We source it from only legitimate data bureaus who adhere to the highest consumer privacy standards -- sources that give consumers appropriate notice and choice about sharing their information and have opted in to make their data accesible.

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How accurate is TowerData's data?

We benchmark ourselves to an accuracy confidence interval of 90%. At our heart, TowerData is a technology company – we employ a large team of engineers who work on synthesizing and matching data to the correct consumer email address through our patented technology.

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Is my list of customers' email addresses safe?

Our data center is SAS-70 Type II certified. Please contact us if you need more details. We DO NOT contact the people you upload by any means. We DO NOT sell email addresses or other personally identifiable data you upload, or provide it to third parties. We do use the data you upload for logging, matching, linking, and inference purposes. This enables us to log our performance and improve our match rates, and also means that you'll see higher match rates down the line.

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What are your match rates?

We have at least one data point on 80% of U.S. emails. To view our match rates on a data point by data point level, just type in 100 in the “number of emails” field on the pricing page. You'll see the estimated match rate percentages.

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What do I do with this data?

Our clients use TowerData data for a range of marketing and advertising activities, from marketing analysis to email segmentation. We’d love to help you define your perfect use case; contact us at sales@towerdata.com to learn more.

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Do you have any case studies?

Here's how a leading Daily Deals Provider leveraged TowerData demographic data to enhance customer engagement and campaign performance metrics. Additionally, get a sneak peak at a potential use case through our latest, more in-depth case study with Maggianos. You can also check out our partners page for some examples of companies we have worked with in the past.

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How is price calculated?

Our pricing calculator gives you a quick estimate of how much data we have on your list. We take the estimated no. of matches (i.e. our average match rates) and multiply it by the field price for each data field you selected. Every list is like a unique snowflake, so prices will vary: higher if we have more matches on your list, lower if we have less. You only pay for data we match to your list.

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What’s an estimated match?

The “estimated matches” column indicates the number of matches we expect to make on your list for that given data point. We calculate this according to our average match rate % for US consumer email addresses. i.e: Gender has a 79% match rate on average. For a list of 10,000 emails, we estimate we will match 7,900 with Gender data.

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What is a field price?

Each data field we have (eg. age, gender, occupation) has a price. You only pay this price when we match that data field to an email address in your list. Most are just a penny per match.

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Where's your data dictionary?

Click Here for our data dictionary. It provides a detailed description and all possible values we return for a given data field.

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How do I purchase?

To purchase, click here. Have the file you want to upload ready. After upload, you will be prompted to select the fields you wish to purchase; just like shopping online--it will be a painless few seconds before you get your data!

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What companies do you work with?

We work with small to medium businesses, large corporations, agencies, B2B platforms and more. Our clients are generally B2C companies (or represent/work with B2C companies), who know little about their customers beyond their email address.

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What about international emails?

No, we only provide information on US-based email addresses. Privacy laws vary too much from country to country, and all our data sources are US based.

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What about business emails?

No, we only provide information on personal consumer email addresses. In other words, we know alex@gmail.com, not alex@towerdata.com.

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What about Social Data?

No, in the past we were more focused on social media, but currently we focus on core marketing demographics and interest data.

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Fields start at half a penny per match. Get Started